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Expired Listing?

Were you and your home properly represented?


We Get It!

At Lion Heart Realty Group we understand that selling your home has A LOT of moving parts.

While your beloved home sits on the market it warrants a since of vulnerability.  

In any case of vulnerability, communication - and lots of it; will give you control over the process and keep you well informed along the way.

You would be in utter shock if your doctor neglects to follow up with you regarding crucial test results, leaving you in a state of uncertainty and concern about your health. Yet time after time homes go on market and fail to sell, leaving the home owner in the dark. 

You are the expert on your home. We are the expert in the market. 

Joining forces creates a winning combination, and nets you the most money for you property.

It takes passion, planning, precision, strategy, knowledge, marketing, technology, advertising, and much more to make your home the obvious choice to buyers. 

So we put our industry leading tools and tactics at your finger tips!




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